How to Get Mending in Minecraft?

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Mending is an enchantment that helps to restore the durability of the items by using their experience. It includes various items that make durable and more vital to deal with multiple situations. When an item gets damaged, you can use this enchantment and make your item more powerful than before. Try to grab extra information along with mending so that you have extra knowledge about the game.

It will be great if you will learn how to use a brewing stand in Minecraft as it will help you to make various potions with some unique qualities. Once you click on the link, it will directly help you know the brewing stand’s usage process and allow you to visit those places where you can’t go by becoming invisible. You can repair anything with the help of this enchantment and also get your item with extra features.

Get Mending in Minecraft

If you use this enchantment to repair items, make sure that you have proper knowledge about it; otherwise, it will lead you to face problems. You can consider the below information as it will help you know how you can get mending and use it to repair your various items.

Mending Getting Tutorial

  • You can get mending from chest loots, raids, fishing, and trading as it is considered treasure enchantment, so can only be obtained from a treasure like places.
  • It can’ be obtained from a crafting table, so don’t try to craft it there as it will only leas to your time wastage, nothing else. An enchantment can only be used once at a time; you can’t use two or more enchantments together on any item.
  • Make sure that you will take care of this thing and consider it when you opt for using an enchantment. When you equip a damaged item with mending enchantment, then the collected XP orbs help you repair the item at 2.
  • It helps you to get a great durability per point of XP and also allows you to get a safe and secure repairing with some extra features. You can use this enchantment on any item and make it better than before with some unique and excellent abilities.
  • When you opt for using this enchantment, try to be active so that you can check whether the item on which you are using it is already enchanted. You need to follow some commands that play a significant role while enchanting any item.
  • As mending enchantment is essential in the game, similarly, the cartography table is important, so try to know how to use a Minecraft cartography table. It will help you have various uses of this table and allow you to have some space to keep some items.

The above tutorial will help you understand the importance of mending and other game elements. You can learn the other two elements of the game by clicking on the links mentioned above and will also help you to have some increment in your current knowledge. Try to stay connected and grab as much information you want to understand the concept better.

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