How to get Minecraft for Free?

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Most of the players, when opting for a new game on the internet then prefer to have the game for free to check the game. It can help them to check whether the game is interesting or not so that they can get an idea for having it in their device or not. Playing for free can help the players to save their money and also help them to have experience in it so that they can understand the game well.

When players opt for a game, then their main aim is to get one of the funniest and interesting games so that they can utilize their time in something good. It is vital for all the players to have knowledge about the game first and then opt for it so that they won’t get into any hardship. It is a must to have a proper piece of knowledge about the game so that you won’t get into any fraud or something like that.

get Minecraft for Free

Knowledge is a must in each and every field, so try to grab all the entire aspects of the game. If you want to know more about the game, then you can consider further details so that you won’t remain under any doubt.

Further Details

When any person opts for getting Minecraft for free, then he or she needs to consider –

  • Creating a new account
  •  and then download Minecraft from the official website of the game. 

You can get a free demo of the game from its official website, but that demo will remain for five days. You can play the game just for 20 minutes in a day, and in that particular time period, you need to decide whether the game is for you. It is the best way to check whether you can handle the game on your laptop or not, so try to opt for this technique.

If you are looking for the demo for PS4 OR Xbox One, you can see a demo available on consoles is more restrictive than Mac or PC. Check out whether the free trials of the game are easy to get or not.

  • PS4 players can find the Minecraft’s free trial in their device’s store after searching for the game.
  • Xbox One players can also find the game in the same way as did in PS4 like you have to search for Minecraft in the Store of the device.

These two devices will help you to have the knowledge about how you can get a free trial for your devices. If you are having PS4 and Xbox One, then the above points will help you out.


All the above information will help you to have some knowledge about how you can get Minecraft for free. It will help you know about different devices to get free trials or demo on different devices. Try to be attentive enough that you will easily handle all the situations and information about different devices.

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