How to Get Minecraft Windows 10?

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Are you a Minecraft lover? If yes, you might know about various versions of Minecraft, and Windows 10 is one of them. Windows 10 is different from all other editions and due to which it requires different game controls. Most of the players want to know about these versions as it provides unique and special features to its users.

When you prefer to collect details about 10, it will be great to know about other aspects, so try to know what mending in Minecraft. Once you know about it, you can easily repair your different items present in the game. You must know about all the game elements so that you can quickly deal with all of them and have better gameplay. If you experience better gameplay, then it will make you get more attracted to the game.

Get Minecraft Windows 10

When you opt for a single version of the game, it helps you experience different environments with new mobs and other elements. You can consider the following details if you want to know about the process of getting Minecraft on Windows 10. It will help you with your query and allow you to know about other aspects of the game.

Steps to getting Minecraft

  • Firstly you have to sign in to your Mojang Account as it will help you move forward to your next steps for getting the game in your device.
  • Then you will see the Minecraft purchase at the top of the screen, and you have to scroll it down until you see Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition Beta.
  • After that, you have to click on the Claim Your Free Copy button, which will help you get the game’s free trial.
  • It will help you to get to the Minecraft page where you can get your code with which help you will get your game on Windows 10.
  • Then you have to sign in to your Microsoft Account to auto-populate the code field, and when the code gets populated, then you have to click on the Redeem button.
  • Once the game gets downloaded in your windows 10, you have to install it, and after installing, you should find it in your apps.
  • After the game gets installed in your device, then you can open it and start playing it. It will help you to have a different experience as compared to other versions of the game with more fun and entertainment.

Final Verdict

When you successfully understand the steps, you should pay some attention to Minecraft’s maximum enchantment level. It will help you know the power of the enchantment and how much you can use it to repair any item or make an item powerful. Try to have a proper understanding of the game and the above steps so that you won’t face any difficulty dealing with any of the situations. Once you learned the above steps properly, it will be very helpful to you and your further gameplays.

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