How to get prime CS:GO?

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CS:GO is a very famous shooting game that can only be played on a live platform, and it can only happen with the help of a twitch. Every game has a Prime account, which helps you to earn various benefits and profits. If you are new to CS:GO, then it is very important or you to get proper knowledge of this game. You may notice some mysterious things in this game and want to learn about them.

You don’t need to get worried about the prime account as it doesn’t charge any extra money, all included in the earlier payment which you had made. Prime is basically an extra service that was introduced to attract more players and have more popularity. It was first introduced in April 2016 to improve the matchmaking of the game and the players. The people who signed against the prime account then they get the opportunity to have an extra account to get handled. The prime account shows that the people who are with this account are more trustworthy as compared to those who don’t have.

get prime csgo

If you want to know the various steps which can help you to have a Prime account, then you should consider this article. This article will help you out to know multiple important steps to get more knowledge about the prime account.

Ways to get a prime in CS:GO

  • The first step is that you need to validate your mobile number in steam and then level up your phone to rank 20 or above. With this, you can earn some expenses and play till the time you get such ranks. The maximum ranks you have will show that you are not new to this game and a bot which is used to ruin the game.
  • Apart from the above step, you can get a prime in CS:GO if you have a Service Medal. For earning this medal, you need to play for so long till the time you don’t get it. There are many other ways that can help you to have a Prime account, but all need your time to get invested. A prime account wants you to show that you are a legitimate player who is playing CS:GO for so long.
  • If you are ready for the prime account, then you simply need to click on the” Details” which is at the top of the CS:GO profile page. After selecting, you need to upgrade the bottom of the notification. 
  • At last, you only need to link your phone number with the steam account, which will help you to have a prime account in CS:GO.


The points mentioned above are the various steps that can help you to have a prime account in CS:GO. If you have a Prime account, then it means that you are a trustworthy player to the game and can be trusted easily. Players find this prime account as a very helpful account as it helps to have various benefits and profits.

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