How to Get to Argus in WOW?

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Argus is one of the new features which is added to the new version of WOW. After defeating the Kil Jaeden in the Tomb of Sargeras, Illidan Stormrage opts for Sargerite Keystone for opening a rift between the Azeroth and Argus. It helps to make the Argus visible in Azeroth’s sky, and after that, players made necessary preparations to leave for Argus. It is a zone present in the game which allows the players to have some new and unique experiences. Players get something new to experience because of that new addition to the game and help them stay connected with it.

Most players are connected with WOW and its various versions but don’t know much about the game. It makes the players lack numerous advantages which they can get if they know all the aspects. You should opt for getting knowledge about all the related elements and new updates of the game so that you can easily deal with any situation. For getting back to the Argus, the Draenei created a ship named the Vindicaar, especially for this purpose. When you are on Argus Mission, then Vindicaar will help you to get equal support in getting back to your home.

Get to Argus in WOW

If you want to know more about Argus, then you can consider the below information. It will help you to know about various other aspects too, along with Argus.

Further Details

  • When you want to get to the Argus, then you need to know about some facts. Just after the patch 7.3 launch Argus and seems that patch 7.2 is a Broken Shore Intro Scenario, which is an account level requirement to start the campaign of Argus. Argus is all based on the story of Broker Shore Intro Scenario and in the Tomb of Sargeras. You should check out all the details of these two aspects to understand the concept of Argus well.
  • For unlocking the Assault of Broken Shore, the character present in the game have to reach the level 110. After getting to level 110, you need to go to the Violet Citadel in Dalton and then complete the quest. The quest that you need to complete is Uniting the Isles Offered by Archmage Khadgar. For completing the Broken Shore quest, you don’t need to have so many characters in your account; you only require one character for completing this quest.
  • If you plan to leave Argus before completing the Rendezvous, you will have to move back to your capital city’s docks. The players who are with Alliance need to talk to Vereesa Windrunner, whereas Horde players need to talk to Lady Liadrin. These two people will help you to get to the Exodar from where you can get another chance to complete the questline.

Wrap It Up

You can consider the above information you can learn how you can get Argus in WOW. It will also allow you to get knowledge about various other new aspects of the game which you don’t know before. You need to be ready before opting for any quest in the game so that you won’t get into any trouble.

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