How to Get to Darnassus in WoW Classic?

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Darnassus is one of the WOW Classic zones, which allows the players to have new and unique experiences. Usually, players love to visit new and different places in the game as it helps them to complete their related quests. Many players are only connected to this game just because it provides them with new opportunities and zones to get in. New experiences can attract more players because new players tend to start playing a new game just because they want something new.

Get to Darnassus in WoW Classic

Usually, players prefer to play WoW due to its multiple tasking quests. Darnassus seems to be a dangerous quest which players need to complete with proper focus. It is essential for all the players to have knowledge about all the aspects of the game so they can delay with multiple situations. When a player gets connected to any game, his main motive is to grab all the advantages and become the best player.

You can pay attention to the below information for more knowledge about the Darnassus. Here you can easily enhance your knowledge about the game and its various zones.

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  • For getting to Darnassus, you need to start with Ironforge. If you are a human, then you need to take the tram first and then follow the flight path before you leave the area. Then you have to go to the East to Loch Modan and then take the flight path. After that, visit North to the wetlands, and there you may die, and you need to die again and again. It will help you to get other paths to get to Darnassus and allows you to have safe and secure travel.
  • Then again, you need to start moving and reach the Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands. Again take the flight path as flight path helps you to have fast reachability mean. Then you have to take the ship to the Auberdine, but make sure that you will not take the ship to Theramore because there are few night elves. After that again, take the flight path and then take the ship to the Ru’theran Village and then against follow the flight path.
  • Finally, you have to go through the portal in which Darnassus is present in purple color. It will provide you that experience of your life which you have never had before. After reaching your destination, you need to plan to come back to your first area and make sure that you are safe. You should know how you need to follow all the flight paths and from where you have to click to follow the right path.


Most of the players might find the above information confusing, but it is very helpful in guiding you about how you can get to Darnassus in WoW Classic. It will be great if you consider the above information so that you can have a safe travel to your destination place. Always try to be smart enough while considering any information that you can understand it in one chance only.

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