How to Get to Draenor in WoW?

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If you are a regular player of WoW, you might know that it has numerous versions, and each version has different aspects. Most of the players are connected to this game because it provides them with new and unique experiences. Players only expect from a game that they will receive all those experiences which are different and best. Out of many areas present in the game, one of the areas in Draenor provides players with new opportunities and features.

Get to Draenor in WoW

WoW includes so many levels, and every zone or location is dependent on each level. Usually, players don’t know how to deal with the locations, and they don’t know the right path to reach there. You all need to be attentive while learning about the game locations so that you can reach your destination with less effort. Efforts are present everywhere in the game, but they depend upon the players that deal with the situation. Some players are not aware of all the aspects of the game.

But no need to worry; you can consider the below-mentioned information for clearing your queries. It will help you to have knowledge about how to get to Draenor in WoW.

Related Info 

  • You can get to Draenor in the game after reaching level 90 because there you can pick up your quests as per your choice. You can pick up the quest i.e., The Dark Portal From the Hero’s Call Board in Orgrimmar. If the quest is not available when you need it, you can move to the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands. You can talk to Khadgar for starting the quest and taking the initiative. It helps the players get to Draenor and take advantage of where they want to go.
  • You can easily opt for the mission after reaching level 90 because when you reach there, you can become more knowledgeable and improve your skills. You can start the quest after talking to you the Khadgar because he is the person who can help you in getting then your mentioned area. If you have started the questline, you need to be careful and move to your quests, and if no quest is available, you can complete your tasks.
  • Always remember that if your character is over level 100 while doing the quest, then you need to have Trivial Quests. It will be enabled in minimap tracking so that you can easily track your quest with proper safety. You should make sure that you need to avoid the missing quests in the introduction sequence. You should pay proper attention when you opt for the quest.


You can get massive help from the above information about how to get to Draenor in WoW. It will help you know about the new elements of the game you might not know before. Always take care of all the necessary aspects of the game so that you won’t face any difficulty in completing your quest.

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