How to Get to Hinterlands in Classic WoW?


Hinterlands is a living zone for a large number of population living in the forest trolls. It helps the people to have a livelihood under some trees and makes them live safely. It includes a large number of trees all around the zone, which is divided into three separate tribes. It includes Horde and Alliances, which makes the area more forest looking and provides the people in the game with some houses. One of the divided areas of the Hinterlands is Revantusk, which is declared at the sides of Horde and Alliance conflicts.

Get to Hinterlands in Classic WoW

When you opt to get to the Hinterlands, you need to be careful so that you can find the area easily. There are a total of three regions divided in the zone, which can create difficulties for you and make you feel sad. All the players connected to Classic WoW should know about multiple aspects of the game so that they can easily handle the situations. It would be great if you opt to grab the knowledge about Hinterlands first and then opt for going there.

For more understanding about the Hinterlands, you can consider the below information. It will help you to know about those aspects which you don’t know clearly.

Hinterlands Tutorial

  • Hinterlands are one of the most notable zones for the wild hammer dwarves who makes their residence in the areas of Aerie Peak in the West. It helps to make the area look more adventurous and entertaining when players opt for getting Hinterlands. This zone provides the players with tame their world-renowned graphyns. It is a zone where the area is divided into three separate tribes for providing different areas to the people.
  • In hinterlands, there are the last remaining settlements of the high elves involved in Lordarean at the Quel Danil Lodge. Hinterlands are mainly located in Eastern Lordarean where lots of trees and forest environment is present. It is mainly the area that helps to attract the players and makes them curious to get to the Hinterlands. The level range of this zone is 40 to 50 and have a faction with the theme contested. The ruler of the area is the Falstad Wild hammer, which provides more and more divided tribes.
  • When a player opts for getting to the Hinterlands, then their first aim is to know about all the aspects of the zone. The knowledge will help the players to get into the zone easily without facing any hardship. The race(s) which looks near this zone are High Elf, Wild hammer Dwarf, Forest Trolls, and Green Dragon flight. These are some of those names which help to make the area look more attractive and innovative. It helps to provide multiple new experiences to the players which they can’t get from any other zone.


Hinterlands is that zone located at the Horde and Alliance conflicts, which provides players a reason to fight against other players. The above information will help you to know about how you can get Hinterlands in Classic WoW. It will also help you to know about new places and race(s) in the game which you don’t know before.

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