How To Get Twitch Prime?

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Twitch has such an intense number of features that it can take lots of time to explore all. On the other hand, all the features are not for everyone. Twitch spends millions of dollars every year on features, safety, and effective usability. Based on the same Twitch is quite a reliable portal of choice for game streamers.

In case you want to get complete access to all the features, you can find a prime membership option. It can provide a premium experience on this platform so that you love the interface. The prime membership is available for quite an affordable price point, and there are several methods to avail it.

Reason to get Twitch Prime

As this is a premium membership, you can expect a range of benefits, and we made a list of a few of them. Let’s have a look –

  • Twitch Channel Subscription
  • Member Access to Game Content
  • Loot Gifting
  • Exclusive Emoticons
  • Expanded Chat Color Options
  • Member-Only Prime Chat Badge
  • Extended Broadcast Storage
    Based on all the advantages that you are getting from Twitch, you can rely on this platform and progress at an effective rate. There are many other reasons which can encourage you toward the purchase of Twitch Prime.

Twitch Prime – Step-by-Step Guide

To get Twitch Prime, you need to follow the below-given steps. These steps will help you avail of the free membership and save a couple of bucks for sure. The method is –

  • The process begins by linking your Amazon Prime account to Twitch Platform. If you don’t have an account on Twitch then you should sign up and create an account first for sure.
  • After logging into the Twitch platform, you can find the crown option and click on it. You can find it the right side of the Twitch account. You are invited for free games trial that you can skip without any problem.
  • You can claim your games from this page, and there will be a great discount on the listed games, so you can consider it as a great way to explore all the impressive features.
  • Here, you can find the Claim Offer option, and this will get you Twitch Prime membership. You can do the same by downloading the Twitch app and then creating an account.

    This is only applicable for new accounts or the new users who are trying to get a badge of membership. After the expiry of membership, you can get a new one and save money for sure.

Bottom Line

Once you are done following all the steps, you have a range of advantages now. It doesn’t matter that if you like to watch the stream of other gamers or you stream yourself, getting the prime membership is highly advantageous. The best part is, you have extended broadcast storage, which lets you keep the live videos for 60 days on your channel. The standard account can hold such content for 14 days only. This will be a major advantage for growing channels on Twitch.

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