How to Gift Escape from Tarkov?

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Are you looking for the ways for gifting Escape from Tarkov? If yes, then you can consider the below-mentioned information. It will help you to know the solution to your query and allows you to enhance your knowledge about new aspects. There are numerous quests and items available in the game that helps players to grab unique experiences. Most of the players are only engaged in Escape from Tarkov because they want to see that what’s there in the game, which attracts the players.

Some players prefer to gift the game to their friends, and they do so as it contains so many hard quests which they don’t want to waste by deleting the game. Players decide to gift the game so that their hard work doesn’t get wasted. It is crucial for all the players of this game to know how to gift Escape from Tarkov so that they can take proper advantage of it. If players don’t pay attention to the gifting aspect, then they might face the time when they have to feel guilty.

Gift Escape from Tarkov

Here are some points for your betterment, which you can consider getting rid of your query.

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  • The players who want to gift Escape from Tarkov they can opt for a way which is a new invention of the developers.
  • You can buy the game as a gift to others. For this, you need to select the option to pre-order, which is on the purchase page.
  • After selecting the option, you have to click on “Buy as Gift,” which will help you to gift the game.
  • When you successfully buy the game, you have to make the payment, and then you will receive an email.
  • It will help you get a code on your email ID, including all the details about the game.
  • When the game is purchased to you, then your friend whom you want to gift the game has to enter the code in his profile.
  • The code needs to be entered on the main website of the Escape from Tarkov to activate the gift card.
  • It will help you to gift the game to your friend and makes your friend get the game and makes him happy.

All these points will help you to get the solution to your query and makes you feel relaxed. If you follow these points, you will make your friend have the game, and he can also have fun. Never try to feel sad; if you do not send the gift, you can simply follow all the above steps and gift the game.


By considering the above information, you can understand that how you can gift Escape from Tarkov. It will allow you to get the right solution to your query and makes your friend get the game as a gift to others. Try to focus on the above info so that you can easily complete the gifting process of the game to others.

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