How to give bits on twitch

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A twitch is a very good platform for the sports player who loves to play live. The twitch bits are like the coins which are used as cheering emoticons for the players who are playing. The bits are sent to the twitch streamer in a chat box to motivate them. These bits are only used to motivate and enhance the confidence of the streamers. Bits play a major role in the life of the streamers as these are the best way to lead them to success.

bits on twitch

Twitch bits are those coins that are used as the twitch currency for playing on such a wonderful platform. The people who use twitch platform can easily earn and lose money and can spend these bits in different ways. People love to have these bits, as they are very helpful in making various benefits. There are so many platforms available, but this twitch platform is the best for the streamers to make their own name and fame.

These bits can be earned online and can only be used online by watching various ads. If you want to earn twitch bits as a viewer, then you should watch various free advertisements. These bits are very beneficial to the viewers, along with the streamers.

Ways to give bits

  • Twitch bits are used for appreciating various streamers to enhance their motivation and confidence levels. Giving twitch bits are a different task as compared to other coins donation. These bits work as real coins for the streamers.
  • The bits coins or money which is transferred to the streamers are paid through PayPal. It doesn’t deduct any amount which you transfer to the streamer.
  • The streamer gets the full amount, and the message remains within the stream, and it helps to motivate the streamers a lot.
  • The most common method to motivate these streamers is the tipping method so that streamers can earn money easily. It happens because this method helps the streamers to earn the full amount without any commission.
  • The amount of money that is transferred to them forces them to remain in the game without losing their confidence. Tips basically use the PayPal app to transfer the funds.
  • There is an option available of chargeback if any payer wants to withdraw the payment then this app helps them to do so. It is considered as the negatively associated tips on the twitch.
  • When it comes to donation, then it’s not considered as the less reactive method. The donation is not considered as a reward; it is only concerned for the twitch streamers to provide them different useful content.
  •  It is very useful and helpful steps to cheer a streamer in the twitch and to make them more motivated and confident.


The points mentioned above are the best to guide you on how to give bits on twitch. It also helps you to enhance the confidence of the streamers and also to have various benefits and profits.

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