How to go live on twitch

Some users face problems while they are getting live on twitch, and the reason can be significant, but today we will be discussing the steps via which you can have the live streaming on twitch. Before getting started, it’s good to know that getting live on twitch is done on two basis. The reason is twitch live streaming is available for pc & laptops as well as for play station. We’ll be covering both the ways for getting live on the twitch.

go live on twitch

Live with play station

Getting live with play station, the user has to click on the share button for the game they are playing; after that, they will see an option broadcast the gameplay. Once they select the option, the page will redirect them to the, after the completion of these steps successfully. They have to log in to their twitch account to have access to the option to get live on twitch. If they do not have an account, they can create the one using the console internet access. All a user need is to submit some information to the twitch website, and the account of them will be created.

Once they have created the account, all the other steps that we have discussed can be implemented to get live on twitch. On the other hand, the best part of getting live on twitch is that. It helps a user to get connected with millions of users globally with live interaction that even creates a vaster viewer base for their channel.

• Earn money with a subscription
• Get paid by people in bits
• Make money by selling the games and game items

Live with PC

Getting live on twitch with a computer is significantly different compared to play station because its a gaming console which has different UI based system for streaming and the internet. However, getting live on twitch with a computer can be done in fewer steps, I will be discussing with you. The very first thing that a user needs to do login to the account and if they don’t have one create it.

After that, they have to get a twitch streaming key from their profile on the website that gives them access to go live on the portal. Secondly, they need to download a broadcaster on their computers and set-up the game capturing mode.

OBS twitch key settings to be configured before clicking on the go-live option because it can create some issues while getting streamed on the portal. Once a user has done all these things successfully, they will have access to get on live and can join the community. All of these steps that we have discussed today are the simplest of all to get live on twitch.

Apart from that, for a streamer, it’s essential to have a premium subscription of twitch. Especially if they want to get monetized on their channel. Twitch is one of those streaming platforms that have a considerable gamer community base, and all of them are making significant revenue form the website relevantly.

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