How to Grow Sugar Cane Minecraft?

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You might know about Minecraft if you are a regular player of it that what type of game it is, and what you need to do there. In this game, you need to craft all the items on your own, and some you need to find and then gather them. One of the major items that you need to grow in this game is sugar cane, as it helps you make many other items. It helps you have some sweet flavor in your gameplay and allows you to use it in many other places.

There are some players who newly joined Minecraft and don’t have much knowledge about it. All the players must know about the game well so that they can easily deal with all the necessary elements and situations. Most of the players are so used to this game that they don’t know about any other game and keeps on playing Minecraft only. You might be thinking about how to grow sugar cane in the game, so here is the solution for that.

Grow Sugar Cane Minecraft

You can opt for the following information to get a solution to your query. It will also help you to enhance your knowledge about various other new aspects which you don’t know.

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  • Sugar cane can be generated naturally up to four-block tall, but you need to take care of the area where you are going to grow it. But shorts plants mainly grow till the height of three blocks, so adding one block of height to the top of the sugar cane will receive 16 random block ticks. If you take the average as per different versions, then an average of 18 minutes on Java Edition and 54 minutes on Bedrock Edition. But remember one thing the actual rate of the blocks or the time can be changed and can vary widely.
  • Make sure that sugar cane should be planted on a grass block, podzol, coarse dirt, sand (white or red anyone that is easily adjacent to water), frosted ice or waterlogged block, or on the top of another sugar cane block. If you take care of all these places, it will be beneficial for you to have the best sugar cane and more realistic features. The sugar cane can be placed or grow next to the opaquer transparent block; no issues are there.
  • You should check the light availability in the area where sugar cane is grown because it can be grown in the complete darkness. You should always take care of all the elements while growing the sugarcane because it is essential to provide full care. When it is grown, you can move it to your inventory to use it in the future when you need it.


By considering all the points mentioned above, you can understand how you can grow sugar cane in Minecraft. It will also help you know how to deal with different areas and blocks to complete the task to an end. Make sure you are keeping proper attention on all the elements well so that you can make better sugar cane.

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