How to Grow Wheat in Minecraft?

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Wheat is an item that should be there in your inventory to use it when you find its need. It can’t be made with the help of a crafting table nor with a furnace that needs you to grow it or find it and gather it. You should know how to grow wheat so that you don’t find difficulty in dealing with it.

When you opt for knowing the wheat-growing process, try to pay some attention to renewing contracts in FIFA 20 career mode. It will help you to know another game from the same content and will also help you to have good gameplay. Wheat needs to be grown in the area where water supply is good so that you will not face any hardship in carrying water and spread it to wheat crops.

Grow Wheat in Minecraft

You need to be aware of all the significant elements of the game so that you won’t get into any major problem. Try to know about wheat and its uses as it can also help you in taming animals as some of the animals love to have wheat and get tames easily.

Steps to Grow Wheat

  • Find Land With Water – First of all, you need to find a land where the supply of water will be good for growing wheat. If the land has good water supply, it will help you grow wheat with fewer troubles.
  • Hold a Hoe – After you are done with finding land with water, you have to hold a hoe, a sharp-faced tool that can help you dig in the ground. For placing crops in the ground to get the wheat, you need to hold a how first. You can collect it from your Hotbar if you have and use it easily for digging in the ground. You can opt for any hoe out of wood, iron, gold, diamonds, etc.
  • Hoe the Land – Finally, faster holding he hoe of your choice, you have to hoe the land with its help as it will help you make lines accordingly in which you will grow wheat with equal distance. Make sure before hoeing the land, you should take care of all the game controls to have proper land for growing wheat.
  • Plant the Seeds – When you are done with hoeing the land, you again need to plant seeds by knowing some game controls. Try to learn about all the game controls to have safe gameplay.
  • Fertilize with Bonemeal – For fast-growing wheat, you need to fertilize the wheat crop with the bonemeal as it will help you have wheat faster than the actual time it takes to grow. Again you have to pay attention to some game controls for better gameplays.
  • Harvest the Wheat – Finally, when the wheat crop is ready, you have to harvest it and then pick it up.

After completing the wheat-growing process, you should pay some attention to how to become a captain in FIFA 20 career mode. It will help you know the major secrets, which will help you win the match and have better gameplay. Once you consider the above steps, it will help you have the best experience in growing wheat.

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