How to Hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft?

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In Minecraft, players need to get through so many quests, which makes them face different environments and surroundings. The game helps the players to have all those experiences which they might not get in other game. It can help the players to become more knowledgeable after getting into different fields and environments. It would be great if players will not get into any trouble, and it can only be possible when they get entire knowledge about the game.

Hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft

If players do not pay attention to Minecraft’s necessary aspects, they will not get ways to hatch the dragon’s egg. It is not an easy task to hatch the egg; basically, you can’t hatch the egg as you can only get it as a reward. There are some players who try to get the egg but won’t get it and failed in their mission. It is a fact if players get a chance to learn how to hatch or get an egg, then they will definitely get it. If you are worried about the egg hatching process, don’t worry as you can easily get it and keep it in your inventory.

Egg Hatching Tutorial

There is no way of hatching egg from the dragon in Minecraft as it is a trophy that players get after defeating the Ender Dragon. You can get the egg by following the below steps –

  • When you get success in defeating the Ender Dragon in the game, then a structure will spawn. The structure will be made out of bedrock with void blocks and an egg, and when you punch the egg, it will break in 15-20 blocks.
  • After founding the egg, you need to dig beside the egg and go down 3 blocks and dig to the side where the egg is, and you need to place a bed there. It will help you to dig under the egg and makes you get the egg out.
  • The egg will then fall on the bed and break into the blocks when you break the block between the egg and the bed. It will allow you to pick the egg and take it to your home. The home which you have built-in Minecraft, you need to go back there for taking egg with you after killing the Ender Dragon.
  • Forgoing back to your home, you need to jump into the bedrock structure, and it will help you teleport to your spawn point. Make sure you first check the real spawn point or place where you last slept. It will make you understand the process of getting a safe structure and the best egg after defeating the dragon.

Wrap It Up

After considering the above information properly, you can easily understand the process of hatching the egg from Minecraft’s dragon. It will also help you out to know how you can get the egg and what it is in the game. You can only get the egg in the form of a trophy after defeating the Ender Dragon.

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