How to Hatch Turtle Eggs in Minecraft?

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Turtles are the water-based mobs that can also live on land and become friends with players if they get adequately tamed. Taming is essential when you need to make any animals under your control or make friends with them. Try to learn how to make stained glass Minecraft along with this eggs hatching tutorial to grab more knowledge about it.

Usually, players don’t focus on all the necessary aspects of the game, which makes them lack various advantages. It will be beneficial to grab more knowledge about turtles as it will help you in the eggs hatching process. Once you get to know how to hatch eggs from turtles, you can easily succeed in your mission.

Hatch Turtle Eggs in Minecraft

But make sure you have patience and some tricks for completing this mission as patience is a must as it helps you have all those aspects that you can’t get without patience. Most of you might be curious about the process of hatching eggs; then, you can consider the below information to help you know about it well.

Steps to Hatch Turtle Eggs

  • Find Turtle Eggs – When you opt for hatching turtle eggs, you need to find the eggs to plan accordingly. You can find the eggs at the edge of the sand in the beach biome as turtles lay down their eggs naturally at the edges.
  • Increase the Random Tick Speed – The process of turtle eggs is not as hard as you think, but the process of hatching the eggs takes time. To increase the speed of this process, you can use the random tick speed aspect as it will help you to get the eggs faster than the regular process. The normal speed is 3, and you should try to make it 5000 with the help of /gamerule command, i.e., /gamerule randomTickSpeed 5000
  • Turtle Eggs will Break for the First Time – When you increase the speed, the eggs will start cracking for the first time. You will hear the sound of cracking, and then some particles will appear, and you will see a brown cracking.
  • Turtle Eggs will Break for the Second Time – After the first time cracking, you will hear the sound of cracking again for the second time. It will help you to see the green particles.
  • Turtle Eggs will Crack for the Third Time – Again, when you hear the cracking sound for the third time, the baby turtle will hatch from the eggs and start moving. After completing the hatching process, you should pay some focus on how to make stone bricks in Minecraft. It will help you know about the game and how you can use them to build other things.


With the help of the above points, you can learn how to hatch turtle eggs in Minecraft and will also help you to learn various other new aspects by clicking on the mentioned links. Considering the links will help you to know how you can make more benefits from the information and increase your current knowledge.

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