How to Hide UI in WoW Classic?

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UI is a kind of element in the game which helps the players to have those aspects which allow players to hide their bad moments, which they have done. It will enable the players to know about those new aspects of the game, which makes them have those experiences which are unique and special to them. Players prefer to hide UI in WoW Classic to hide their lousy behavior from others on the main screen of the game. You should always check out for your UI so that you won’t get involved in any hardship.

Hide UI in WoW Classic

Most times, players tend to know about all the elements of the game, but due to some reason, they don’t get it. It is crucial to know about all the necessary aspects of the game so that players feel relaxed and able to deal with all types of situations. Players can play WoW on PC and Mac devices, which allow players to have new and unique features. When players opt for any device to play this game, then they need to understand how to hide UI in WoW. The knowledge can help the players to get relaxed after knowing the proper knowledge.

Further Details 

  • You can opt for Ctrl + Z for hiding the UI on Windows, and for Mac, you need to use Command + Z. These two ways are the best to hide your UI in PC and Mac. It will be great for you to consider this information as it will allow you to have a solution to your query. You need to be careful while hiding your UI so that no other player will see your UI. Always be ready with all the necessary elements of the game so that you won’t face any hardship.
  • For taking the hidden UI screenshot, you need to make your Hotkeys for Windows, but you can use it only manually. It is very easy to use the Hotkey, and it is easy to get made. You can opt for some high-level guidance if you want to have more information about the screenshot concept.
  • For Mac, you can opt for Command + Shift + 4, and when you opt for this solution, then the cursor will change into a plus sign and allows you to have a screenshot. You can easily drag the cursor on that particular point for which you need to take the screenshot.
  • Hiding your UI from Windows and Mac is very easy if you consider the above information. If you opt for Alt + Z or Ctrl + Z, it will help you to everything in UI, but your name and guild name will still be visible. The information will be visible on the loading screen of the tooltips as well. Try to be attentive to the UI’s major aspects so that you can deal with all the situations.

Final Verdict

All the above information is related to the UI hiding procedure in WoW Classic. It will allow the players for knowledge about all the exact steps that how they can hide their UI on Windows and Mac devices. Always be careful while learning anything from any online guide so that you can have a safe and proper understanding.

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