How to host someone on twitch

Twitch is an excellent online streaming website, which has been introduced in 2011; the platform offers users channels for game streaming and to host some other users. Compared to streaming on, hosting someone on twitch is different. Today I will be sharing some steps that will help you to make the hosting for other users convenient and relevant for you to do the task.

host someone on twitch

How to host?

Well, after reading all the steps that I will be telling you, hosting someone on twitch will become a piece of cake for you people to do so. Coming on how to do it can be done in four simple steps in which the very first requirement is that a person has to be registered with Apparently, if they do not have an account on the website, then they have to create the one to perform the task. Therefore, now let’s begin to know how to host someone on twitch.

• Go to and log in.
• Click on your username at the right corner at the top; it will show up a drop-down menu.
• After that, you will see an option (channel) click on that option will show you chat room.
• In that dialog box type (host), followed by channel name in your chat, and you are good to go.

How to earn?

Twitch is one of those online streaming platforms on the internet, which is an elegant way of generating a significant amount of revenue by streaming games. The only thing that a user must consider before begin on the twitch is that. They should always implement the sources to make their streaming more interesting because it will bring a massive viewer base for their channel. Talking about how the viewership will be a part of monetization. Well, in, a streamer also gets some amount of revenue via the twitch bids that the viewer gives to their streamer. To make your streaming more interesting to gain the viewer’s attention considering these points can be beneficial for you.

The Premium membership

The premium membership of provides a plethora of benefits to their users; if a user joins the website just as a viewer of a channel. They get to have benefits to play some bonus games and gets to have a subscription of multiple channels in one single package. However, the most beneficial part of twitch is that a person can link up their other online streaming account with the portal like (Amazon prime). Not only that, but they will also receive relevancy over the subscription package because; if a user already has premium membership of other streaming platforms.

Then they do not need to purchase the subscription of They will have all the benefits that a user gets purchasing the package directly from the website. Due to these kinds of features and services, its an internationally famous streaming platform with a huge user base around the globe.

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