How to increase fps in Apex Legends?

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Apex legends are a battle royale game that a lot of players love and helps them have new and various experiences. The main motive of the players is to win the game with a clear view and more quality features. For increasing the quality of the game, you need to increase the fps of the game. Fps is the frame per second, which helps to enhance the game’s clarity so that you can play with more interest. Without fps, you can’t play a game with a better view and clarity. 

There are various ways that can help you to increase the fps of the game so that you can enjoy the game while playing. Fps can only be increased by considering the type of the PC, and this feature is only available for PCs. If your PC is powered, you can increase fps up to 144, and if you are low powered, you can increase up to 60 to 120. It’s crucial for the players to understand how to increase the fps so that they can have a great experience.

increase fps in Apex Legends

If you don’t know how to increase the fps, you can consider the points mentioned below. It can help you to understand the various ways which can help you to increase the fps.

PC settings to Increase the fps

You have to make changes in the below-mentioned things so you can increase the fps of the game. For this, you have to go to the settings of the game and do some changes-

  • Resolution: Set it to your native resolution
  • Color Blind Mode: Personal preference (you can change as per your choice)
  • V-Sync: Disable it to uncap the frame rate of the game
  • Adaptive Supersampling: It will be greyed out
  • Display Mode: Set it to the full screen for the better view
  • Adaptive Resolution FPS Target: You need to set it to 0
  • Volumetric Lighting: Disable it as it can lead to tank performance
  • Sun Shadow Coverage: Keep it to low
  • Spot Shadow Detail: Set it to low
  • Ragdolls: It helps to affect the “flail” of the dead body so keep it low or medium
  • Sun Shadow Detail: Keep it to low
  • Effects Detail: It helps to determine the ability effects, details of the explosions, and the like. Please set it to low or medium.
  • Aspect ratio: It would be considered as per your monitor’s resolution. Set it to 16:9, 1080p
  • Field of View: It can be personal, and you can change it as per your choice of view. You can keep it to low, medium, or high as per your monitor’s power. 


With the help of the above information, you can understand how you can increase the fps of Apex Legends. It can also help you to have a great view of the game while playing it. You need to pay attention while setting the changes and make sure that you are aware of all the aspects.

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