How to Increase Fps in CS:GO?

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Playing at higher FPS gives a better view, enrich your gaming experience, and provide several advantages with the gameplay. Among all the popular AAA titles, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a well-liked game, and if you are playing it but not getting a satisfying feel, then it might be due to lower FPS.

increase fps csgo

FPS stands for Frame per Second, and it matters a lot when you are in such intense game. The limit might be due to the hardware you are using, but you can get rid of this issue by several manners. There are plenty of ways instead of upgrades only, which can provide a better FPS rate and your kill rate will enhance. If you are playing this game at below 30-FPS, then you might be having issue winning, and the lack of performance can cause several issues. Let’s have a look at some essential and easy ways to enhance FPS –

Game Boosters

Game Boosters are effective in killing all the background tasks and load your game at a faster rate. But, it can reduce the performance of your gaming PC and cause trouble. As they are killing some necessary tasks, you can find that game boosters are also consuming a significant amount of processing power and RAM. So, you should get rid of them and try other options.

Reinstall Windows

When your PC’s Microsoft Window starts getting older, then it starts collecting so many temporary files. They consume a significant amount of storage. Meanwhile, the other apps are also consuming a significant amount of RAM; then it would be effective to reinstall windows. This process won’t take more than two hours, from the installation of windows to installing the game.

Reinstall Drivers

It is important that you check whether the drivers are up to date or not. If you are facing a lack of performance or lower FPS, then reinstalling drivers can come in handy. It is important that you update the driver from official websites, then it will show you a significant difference. If there is nothing working so far, then the last option will help you out.

Upgrade RAM or Graphics Card

Normally, the FPS of a game depends upon the RAM and Graphics card. CPU is important, but if you are using a mid-level CPU and rest equipment from lower-end, then a slight upgrade is helpful. Adding 8 GB memory stick can show the real difference, and if it is not working, then look after getting a better graphics card. You can sell the existing graphics card and get a new one with better performance.


Following the mentioned tips will be an effective choice, and it can enhance your overall gameplay. You can take over the opponent, and you are able to browse the game in a better manner. Reducing resolution isn’t that bad choice, and it can better your gaming skills. There are so many professionals with high-end gaming rigs playing at the highest FPS rate possible to increase the win rate. This can come in handy to you.

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