How to Increase FPS in Overwatch?

FPS is the main feature of each and every live game, which helps the game to be played on high quality. It basically stands for frame per second, which helps the players to have a clear view of the game by converting the game into a 3D one. Overwatch is such a great featured game, and if any fps related problem occurs, it can reduce the reputation of the game. The main motive of the players is to play the game with high quality and high features so that they can win.

Increase FPS in Overwatch

Most of the players love to play Overwatch, but they don’t know how to deal with it or how to increase or decrease the fps. It’s crucial for each and every game player to know about the fps and how it works so that they can set it accordingly. Players can set the fps of the game as per their needs and demand because different players have different views and ways of watching. 

You can opt for the below information for enhancing your knowledge about the fps related issues. It will also help you to know how to set the fps in increasing order.

Tips to Increase the FPS

Over Clocking

It will help you make your RAM, CPU, and GPU run better, and if these three aspects run better, you will definitely be able to have a good fps. Overclocking can help you to increase the fps of the device and the game and makes your game look like a new one. If you do not perform this aspect, then it will lead your PC to have a high temperature and leads it to crash. But you have to perform overclocking on your own risk as it is risky if you are not aware of its proper working.

High Priority

You should make a habit of checking the fps of the game so that you can make the game run better. If you feel that your game is not working properly, then you can opt or increase the FPS of the game. You should visit the “Details” section in the Task Manager and then click right on the Overwatch.exe. After visiting there, you should go to set priority and then set the fps to high.

Debloat Windows

You can opt for this tip on your own risk by watching it on YouTube, as it can help you to delete all the unnecessary files from your game. It will help you to clear all the unnecessary data and makes the game run smoother. You can make some free space in your CPU, which helps you make the device clean.


With the help of the above points, you can know how to increase the fps of Overwatch. It can also help you to know what aspects you need to take care while focusing on the fps. You need to have proper knowledge of the various elements of the game so that you can deal with the situation without facing any problem.

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