How to increase fps in pubg?

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The PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most popular games that is ruling all over the world with its exceptional quality and thrilling gaming experience. Initially, this was introduced to the world as the PC game, but later on, the developers have made some modifications, and now it is available for smartphones as well.

Mostly, people are quite doubtful regarding FPS (Frames per second) in PUBG, although it is one of the essential technical considerations for the game makers. As the FPS range is generally being acceptable regarding the video games is 30 to 60 FPS. Whereas if we compared to the films where the FPS runs at the 24. No doubt, this is the optimal level for the pro-level gameplay. So head towards the following details that will help you to know how to get it done within the four steps.

increase fps in pubg

Steps for increasing the FPS in PUBG:

Step: 1 – you need to adjust your power settings to the high performance that is for a particular computer’s regular settings.

Step: 2 – once you are done with the step described above, then you need to optimize your graphic card settings. If you have the graphic card, then you are going to explore more in PUBG, and you will get the gameplay in superior quality graphics.

Step: 3 – then, moving on, you need to change your steam launch options in the aspect of increasing FPS. Firstly you need to open your steam library, then navigate down to the game. After that, click on the right side and select the properties. Once you are done with all this, then you need to locate the steam launch options. Now you need to copy and paste specific terms.

Now you are moving on towards the path of accomplishment; once you are done with the steps described above, then you need to go to the game settings. Open the file explorer you are having and search the app data. Moreover, you need to navigate to the local folder where you will see numerous things.

Step: 4 – here we are with the last step that needs to be followed; you need to go towards the visual adjustments and do not avoid the actual gameplay settings as it will pertain to the visual effects. Although this will also have a significant impact on the FPS.

Hence, at the top of your screen in the menu, you will navigate towards the gear icon, then you need to immediately see the graphics menu in the aspect of changing the settings. Here you can have control over the resolution, brightness, and several more visual quality features.

The final verdict

We are here with the conclusion that is the FPS in PUBG can be easily increased if you follow the steps described above rightly. Though doing that is not the laborious task at all if you have sufficient information regarding the graphic card and PUBG’s settings. We hope the information provided will be beneficial for the readers.

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