How to Install WoW Addons?

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In this big world, there are multiple games present online today, which provides a new environment to a wide range of the population. Out of those games, there is one game that allows the players to experience in various Warcrafts, i.e., WoW Addons. It is one of the best game for wars which provides a real war environment to the players. Most of the time, players love to play those games, which gives them new and latest game experiences. There are numerous versions of this game that are for different level players. For beginners, a different version is available, and for experts different.

Usually, players get attracted to such games very quickly, which has unique features. It would be best for all the players to have knowledge about the game first so that they can start playing it without any problem. The players who are new to WoW Addons might don’t know much about it, but no need to worry; here is a solution for you. Usually, players face problems related to the downloading or installing of the game, which you can get to know with the information below.

Install WoW Addons

You can consider the below information for clearing your query as it will help you know how you can easily install the game.

Steps to Install

  • The first step you need to do is that if you are having World of Warcraft in your device, then you have to exit it from there completely.
  • Then you have to opt for downloading the Warcraft Addons, the versions which you want to download. You might know that this game has numerous versions to choose from for anyone of your choice.
  • For downloading the game, you have to make a folder on your desktop and then name it as “My Addons.” Then save the .zip/.rar files to this folder. When you opt for downloading the file, and it opens automatically, you need to click right on the link and “Save Target As” or “Save As.”
  • After that, you have to opt for extracting the file, which is usually known as Unzipping. Always remember that you can do this once at a time.
  • When you get ready with the extracting file, then you have to verify your WoW Addons Path. It will help you to have the game appropriately verified in your device. The extracting process is different for Windows and Mac users.
  • Finally, after the game gets verified, move it to the Addons folder, which you have made in the second step. Now you can start World of Warcraft but make sure that Addons are properly installed.


All the above information is related to the installation of the Warcraft Addons. With the help of the above information, you can know that how you can get the game in your device and have experience in it. You should always consider steps of installing before installing the game so that you can have a safe installation of the game. Always be careful while opting for any new task so that you will remain safe and secure.

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