How to Join a Minecraft Realm?

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Minecraft is a sand-based game where you have to create different items and find those things that can’t be created. There are some aspects and elements of the game that you need to know about as they play a major role in Minecraft and help you deal with multiple situations. Make sure that you will grab information about how to Minecraft as it is important to know about it before getting involved in the game.

Most players are not much aware of how to deal with the Realm of Minecraft, as it is like a server that helps the players to play multiple with their friends. Some players want to know how they can join the Realm and have more fun and entertainment. New features of the game have made the game more interesting and preferable as players love to opt for it.

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The more you get connected to the game, the more you will get to know about it and the realm factor. You can consider the below information if you want to know how you can join the Minecraft Realm and have more fun.

Minecraft Realm Joining Tutorial

  • From the main menu of the Minecraft Realms, you can see the list of Realms that are available in the game. When you opt for joining the Realm, it requires an invitation indicated by the flashing mail icon. Once you get success with the Realm means that if the Realm gets selected, then your Realm will be available. Before opting for the Realm make sure that you have the latest public release of the game.
  • The colored dot beside it indicates the current status of the Realm, and if the dot is green in color, then it means the Realm is open and available to join. If the dot has a yellow color, then it means that the Realm will expire soon, and if red, then it means that the Realm has already expired and has been closed. If you face problems joining the Realm network, you should make sure that you are not using the modded game client or that resource pack, which doesn’t have any texture for the Realm button.
  • If you have any default, then you need to move to Minecraft game client and click on the Options button and then select Resource Packs and then return. If you want to leave the Realm from its selection screen, click on the leave Realm button. After this, you should consider how to play multiplayer on Minecraft PC as it will help you to get some help in playing multiplayer mode and also Realm aspect.

Final Verdict

The above information will help you know how you can join the Minecraft Realm and help you understand how you can leave it. You can know about all types of colors that they indicate and many other aspects which are new to you. The information will help you to increase your current knowledge about the game and other related information.


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