How to Keep Inventory in Minecraft?

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When a player crafts an item in Minecraft, he moves it to the inventory to store the items for the long term. It helps the payers use the things later on and helps them save their time from crafting that item again. Some players don’t know how to keep items in the inventory, which makes them face problems when they are done with making some items.

As shifting items to the inventory is essential, similarly changing stadium in FIFA 20 is important. You should try to know about how to change stadiums in FIFA 20 career mode as it will help you have different experiences from different stadiums. Keeping inventory is not a big deal as it takes only a few minutes and enables you to store your items properly. You only need to type a command which allows you to shift your items to the inventory and makes you have fewer troubles.

Keep Inventory in Minecraft

You can consider the below information if you want to know about the command, which will help you keep your inventory in the game. Try to be active while considering the command so that you can use it properly.

Keeping Inventory Tutorial

  • You might face problems when you opt for moving your items to the inventory as it needs you to type a command and some of you are not aware of it. If you do not move the item to the inventory in the given time, then the item will disappear and make you suffer huge losses.
  • Once you failed to transfer your item, then all your hard work will vanish, which you put in crafting the items. Try to know about the command so that you can easily move your crafted items to your inventory for later use.
  • To run the command for moving items to your inventory, you need to turn on your game world’s cheat option. It will help you to stay safe from getting your items disappeared and can use the command as soon as possible.
  • The command that you need to type in your game for shifting the items is /gamerule keepInventory true. This command will help you win inventory after you die as when you respawn, you will get your inventory back.
  • If you use/gamerule keepInventory false command, it will make you lose your inventory after you die, and when you respawn, you will not have any item in your inventory.
  • When you are done with your inventory, you have to grab some knowledge about making FIFA 20 career ode fun. It will help you have unique experiences in the game and help you have more fun.


Finally, after getting involved in the above details, you will learn about the command that can help you keep inventory in Minecraft. It will also help you to know about the other elements of FIFA 20, which will help you to have great gameplay with extra fun. If you consider the above info properly, then you can easily understand the concept well.

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