How To Kick Bots In CS:GO?

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CS:GO is totally a quirky game with features that someone hasn’t seen before. Here in this game, you experience intense FPS gameplay along with wide maps, lots of mission, and taking over the opponent is everything to boost rank.

kick bots in csgo

To earn XP and ELO points, you need to spend hours, but you can find some frustrating bots in the game. They are nothing more than time wasted, and if they are making you waste time, then you can kick them out. It is absolutely easy to vote to kick bots out of the game.

There are several ways to kick anyone out of a match, and among all of them, one of the popular options is to choose “Developer Console” mode. It will reduce the efforts, and there is nothing like voting when you prefer it.

This method is effective only if you are playing on a high-speed private server and taking advantages of all the features become easier. Let’s have a look t some easy-to-follow methods –

  1. Start by Activating Developer Console – In order to kick bots out of your game, it is necessary that you activate the console mode and it can be done by opening the default tilde key. It is below the escape button, and you can find ~ sign on it.

  2. Prevent Bots from Joining – It will be a better choice if you prevent bots from rejoining a match. It reduces the hustle, and it can be done by opening the developer console and typing mp_limitteams 1. This will prevent, but if you want to stop them permanently from auto-balancing one team to another, you can consider mp_limitteams 0. This command will remove them.

  3. Kick Existing Bots out of your match – In case the bots are already in your match, and they are such a mess then you need to open the developer console again. Now, you need to type bot_kick command here. It will remove all the bots, and it will remove all the bots from the CT side. You can also command bot_kick ct to get better control. This is the easy way to remove bots, and all the bots from the map will be gone. You can rely on this method, and it is a highly effective choice.

  4. How to Add Bots? – In case you are bored playing without bots, and you are willing to add them again, then you can use a command. Open developer console mode again and type bot_add t. If this command doesn’t work, then you can consider going with the alternative option, which is bot_add ct. It will add more bots into the map, and you can play effectively after that. It will be an easy and highly reliable choice.

The Final Verdict

Playing with the bot and without bot is subjective. If you try private server with friends and you want to create it intensely in terms of gameplay, then you can add bots, and it will get rid of all the issues with ease.

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