How To Kick Yourself In CSGO? Check Out The Tips

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Getting into a match in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” where you accidentally matched with some weird gamers who are ruining your experience and they are not playing adequately, kicking yourself out from such matches seem like a better choice. There is an automatic mode, but it doesn’t activate unless it finds something suspicious. If you want to kick yourself out of a match, then there are several options in CSGO.

kick youself in csgo

No doubt that choosing the right method is important; otherwise, the developer of this game can ban you from playing again. Due to this, there are plenty of options that you can take into consideration. The below mentioned is the easy, and safer choice kick yourself or someone out of a match.

  1. Firstly Try to avoid – If you find any bully in a match and you don’t want to play with them then don’t worry and try to avoid by taking a deep breath. You can focus on your gameplay. This gives you an opportunity to balance the kill rate and not to get any kind of lose. In case the other players are still doing weird things and ruining everything, then you can follow the next point.
  2. Mute Bully – In case you tackle to any bully in this game, and they are still trying to ruin everything you can mute them and keep playing. You can press tab and then press the left button of the mouse. You need to click on the player that you want to mute. Here, you will get a block communication option, and it is highly reliable to get rid of such issues with ease.
  3. Kicking Yourself Out – If all the methods are not going well, then you can look after the last option, and it is kicking yourself out. This will seem like a better and reliable option to take into consideration.

Follow the below-given commands

• Start by learning about how to vote for the kick in CSGO.
• Click on the let menu when you get get the call vote option.
• Then here you need to choose the kick player option.
• You can now choose a player and then vote for the same.
• This is an easy method to kick someone.

It is an easy option, and if you want to kick yourself, then the method is slightly different here, and you can follow the same.
• You need to activate the developer console option, and it can be done by pressing the ~ button.
• Now, enter the command status. You will get a list of players in the mode, and you need to find yourself.
• Copy two numbers right next to your name and then here, you need to enter a command.

Give command callvote kick with the digits you copied. Once you press enter, everyone will get the option to kick, and if they vote, then you are out of the match. It is an easier option to kick yourself. Make sure that you follow this method as it is to avoid getting banned.

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