How to kick yourself in CS:GO?

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CS:GO is a pretty intense game within the first-person shooting genre, and the wide popularity makes it quite a competitive choice. Around a million of gamers are playing it and they find out several new things to explore on a daily basis.

Among all the unique and quirky features, there is an option to kick yourself in CS:GO. Some gamers might be wondering that why to kick yourself and what’s the need? Well, you get the option to vote yourself. There is no clear explanation that why someone should do it, but some say that it activates a bug and it provides advantage with ranking.

kick yourself in csgo

Now you know the reason so the primary question is, how it works and how can you perform the same without getting into any problem.

Method of Kicking

Vowing yourself a kick is easy, but it might seem a little bit tricky. If you don’t want to get into any issue, then you should be following the below-mentioned tips wisely.

• When the game is opening, you can head toward the developer console options by pressing ‘ ~ ‘key. You can find this key on the top-left corner, and it is under the escape button.
• In case this key is not working properly and it is not opening the developer console then you need to enable this option. It is mostly available in sets, and you have to open the menu and turn it on first.
• Now, as the developer console opens, you need to type the status here. Make sure that you check it again and then hit the enter button. It might take a couple of seconds, or it might freeze for two seconds, but it will work after that.
• Now, you need to copy the numbers right next to your name. It is on the right side of the screen, and you need to copy only two numbers right next to the name. Make sure that you copy and paste instead of typing.
• Now go to the same option and here, you need to type out Callvote kick. It is the command to kick again, and you need to paste the number right next to it. By this method, you are giving the command to get a kick again.
• The votekick will open up, and it will help others know that the votekick started and they will also get to know that it is started by you. Now, they have the vote also.

It is a fun way to enjoy CS:GO at the next level. This multiplayer game is fun when you try out such small tweaks. There are many other things which are quite similar to this, and they are also a fun way to enjoy this game on the very next level for sure.


These are some of the basic tips that you need to follow, and after that, you are able to get rid of all the issues with ease. Make sure that you stay selective to while choosing the right method to avoid activating other commands.

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