How to Kill Juggernauts on Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

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Juggernauts are basically a zombie in Call of Duty that tends to keep an eye on the players to kill them. Earlier juggernauts were disappeared from the game, but it took its return entry in 2019 Call of Duty. It has returned after terrorizing the players in the real trilogy of the game. Due to its return, most of the players able to get some new missions that they need to complete with its killing.

Juggernauts not only appear in the Furnace Mission, but it also appears in the Specs Ops. It appears like a kill streak in the multiplayer game of Call of Duty, where team members of a team need to plan accordingly to kill them. The players who are new to this game don’t know how to kill juggernauts, but the quick and straightforward answer is via firepower. Firepower is the only way that can be considered as the best weapon for killing these zombies.

Kill Juggernauts on Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Here are some points which can help you to learn how to kill the juggernauts on Call of Duty. You can adapt the ways for killing juggernauts if you want to.

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  • The players who are gunned through the main campaign of the warfare will definitely be aware of the juggernauts. It would help if you used various strategies to kill juggernauts so that you could run to further levels. The campaign can seem to be empty, and there can be some noise and loud screaming. 
  • There are many rounds available in the game, and it’s upon you how long you stay. But you need to be more attentive while playing the game so that you can kill the juggernauts as easily as possible. 
  • Here are some points which can help you to deal with the juggernauts in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare.
  • You need to bring as much damage as possible to kill the juggernauts with huge, dangerous damages.
  • In juggernauts killing, the explosive damage is the only friend of yours.
  • Flashbangs and grenades can help you so much in staggering the juggernauts and help you hit in the game. 
  • You can also consider the shotguns for killing and incendiary rounds will help you to have a stick.
  • You should try to put some things between you and the juggernauts as it will help you to cover less distance as it helps you to kill juggernauts fast. If you succeed in keeping some distance between you and juggernauts, you can easily kill them with more power.

Final Verdict

Every player who plays a war-related game has the right to know about all the necessary elements. You can opt for the above information to kill juggernauts as it will help you know how you can kill them on Call of Duty. It can help you to know about various new elements of the game, which you can use in the game at any time when you require it.

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