How to Make a Beacon Work in Minecraft?

Beacon is that aspect of Minecraft, which helps the players to have proper base visibility from virtually anywhere on the map. It also helps the players buff the special effects in their characters, which can help them perform various tasks. The best part of this item is that it can be made in all the game versions, such as Java, Pocket, Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, etc.

With the beacon-making process, if you will learn other aspects too, it will be great for you, and by clicking on the further link, you can learn how to grow melons in Minecraft. It will help you have something to eat while working and keep your health level up. The process of making beacon is not as hard as you think you only need to pay your entire attention, and then you can learn it well.

Make a Beacon Work in Minecraft

If you find it a difficult task, you can consider the following steps: it will help you find the process easy, and you can easily make a beacon. It will also help you to learn much more about the game along with the beacon making process.

Beacon Making Tutorial

  • For making the beacon in Minecraft, you have to know the exact layout of it so that you can craft it accordingly. You have to use a minimum of three by three one high iron block to make it, and you can also use diamond, gold, and emerald blocks to make it. For making the base, you will require 81 iron blocks for the base only. Then you have to gather the important materials to make the beacon, and those material are as three Blocks of Obsidian, Nether Star, at least 81 Iron Ore, five Blocks of Sand and fuel
  • After that, you have to smelt the iron for which you will need a furnace, and you have to put all the 81 iron ingot in the upper box and fuel in the bottom one.
  • Then you have to smelt the glass in the same way as you have smelted the iron ingots. Then you have to gather all the five glass blocks when their smelting is done.
  • Next, you have to opt for opening the crafting table and then right-click on it and then press the left trigger.
  • Then you have to create the iron blocks for starting the beacon process and then start crafting the iron unit. Finally, you are done with crafting the beacon, but you should also learn how to make a gate in Minecraft. Gate plays a major role in moving to another place and helps you remain safe and keep your items safe.

Final Verdict

The above information will help you know the beacon making process and help you know how to make a gate and grow melons. These two elements are a must in the game, so try to pay attention to both the links mentioned above. Once you get close to all the necessary information, it will be great to understand the game well.

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