How to Make a Big Map in Minecraft?

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A big map in Minecraft means having a map of the largest size to see it well and all the areas mentioned in it. A small-sized map creates problems sometimes and leads players to have difficulty in finding some places. There are different sized maps present in the game which helps the players to have a proper look in different areas.

For making a map, you can also prefer to take some help from golem as when you are busy with the map-making process, then golem will take care of your items. For that, you have to know how to make a golem in Minecraft.  It will also help you know how you can deal with other aspects present in the game as golems are very useful characters.

Make a Big Map in Minecraft

There are two types of golem present one of the Iron one and another one is the Snow one; both of them are very helpful and strong to beat enemies with some limitations. You should know how to deal with all the different elements, and for learning the significant map-making process, you can stay connected. The below information will allow you to know how you can make a big map and other aspects.

Ways to Make a Big Map

  • You need a Locator Map – For making the different sized map or the big map, you have to take help from a locator map. It will help you resize the map, and it will be crafted with 1 compass and 8 papers. It helps you to see the location of yourself in the game and joins your world. The map you will craft in the game will be of 0 sizes and another sized map you have to make yourself.
  • Upgrade the Map to Level 1 – To upgrade the level of the map from 0 to 1, you have to use a crafting grid and add the 0 level map to it and 8 more papers to it. It will help you get the level 1 map in front of you, and it will be bigger than the previous one.
  • Upgrade the Map to Level 2 For upgrading the level of the map from 1 to 2 then again, you have to take help from the crafting grid and add 8 more papers along with the level 1 map in the grid.
  • Upgrade the Map to Level 3 – For upgrading the level of the map again from2 to 3 you have to use the crafting grid and add level 2 map and 8 more papers to it.
  • Upgrade the Map to Level 4 – This is the highest level of the map and the biggest one, and for making it, you have to add level 3 map and 8 more papers to the crafting grid.


By following the above steps, you can make the bug sized map in the game, but along with the map-making, try to learn how to make a healing potion in Minecraft. It will help you to remain healthy and energetic while making different maps when you feel low. You must consider both the above links for better results.


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