How to Make a Golem in Minecraft?

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Golem is one of Minecraft’s characters, which helps the players keep some safety in their areas such as farms, houses, etc. It also helps the players to have some support in attacking and defending against the enemies. There are two types of Golems in the game, so players should know about both of them how to make them. It will help the players to have both the Golems and use one as per their abilities and skills.

Make a Golem in Minecraft

Different steps are present in Minecraft for making Golem, so try to understand the steps well so that you don’t mix-up the steps and make the wrong character. The two types of Golem present in the game are Iron and Snow Golem. It will help you know how you can protect your places and how you can fight against your enemies. Most of the players face problems in the Golem making process, so no worries you can learn the process of both the Golems making steps from the following information.

The steps mentioned below will help you know how you can make an Iron and Snow Golem. It will also help you get a friend in the game who will help you defeat all your enemies and stay safe and secure.

Steps to Make Golem

To make both the Golems, you should have tether and lead, which will help you keep them under control and take advantage of them. For making Snow Golem, you will require 4 snowballs, and for Iron Golem, you will require 9 Iron Ingots.

  • 4 Snow Balls = 1 Block of Snow
  • 9 Iron Ingots = 1 Iron Block

Snow Golem

To create a Snow Golem, you have to use 2 snow blocks and 1 pumpkin to make the head. When the snowballs destroy, then it will convert into multiple snowballs. When this Golem walks, then it leaves a stain of snow at its every step and attacks enemies by throwing multiple snowballs. It will get destroyed by rain, water, or any other liquid form item. It will not attack hostile Wolves and Creepers.

Iron Golem

To create Iron Golem, you will require 2 iron blocks and 1 pumpkin to make the head. When it gets destroyed or killed, then drops a few iron ingots and poppies on the ground. It can appear naturally and protect the villagers from any of their enemies. Naturally occurring Iron Golem will harm you if you harm them, so be careful while getting in touch with them. It attacks by swinging its arms and hit enemies and doesn’t attack creepers.


By considering the above major steps, you will learn how you can make a Golem in Minecraft. It will help you to know how to make two types of Golem one is Iron Golem, and another one is Snow Golem. You must know all the steps properly so that you won’t suffer when you need them and help defeat your enemies.

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