How to Make a Leash in Minecraft?

A leash is a kind of lead present in Minecraft, which helps the players to have some help in holding something like any animal or golem. It helps the players at the time of riding a horse as it helps to control the horse and make it move according to your directions. If you are not aware of the leash, you will also face problems making other items. As lead plays a significant role in Minecraft in the same way, the smithing table plays a major role.

Make a Leash in Minecraft

You might be wondering how it plays a significant role and what a smithing table does in Minecraft. This table is very helpful in keeping various items and also provides some extra space for putting things. You must know how to make different items in the game so that you won’t face any hardship in dealing with them. Players will get a huge help if they have extra knowledge about different items and lead a safe survival.

For more details, you can consider the information mentioned below, as it will help you know how you can make a leash in the game. Once you learn how to make the item, you can easily use it whenever you need it.

Steps to Make a Leash

Open the Crafting Menu

  • For making a leash in Minecraft, you have to open a crafting menu where you will get a crafting grid of 3×3 size.
  • It will have 9 blocks, and you have to use it by adding some more items to complete the process of making a leash.

Add Items to Make a Leash

  • After getting the Crafting grid, you have toad some more items to it, and you will be requiring 4 strings and 1 slimeball for making the leash. Ensure that you are putting all the items at their right places to make the right item.
  • In the first row, you have to place 1 string in the first box and 1 string in the second box. In the second row, you have to put 1 string in the first box and 1 slimeball in the second box. In the third row, you have to put 1 string in the third box and keep all the other boxes empty.
  • Once you are done with all the items’ placements, you have to keep an eye on the leash so that you can check whether it is made right or wrong. By putting all the items at their right places, you are done with the recipe of making a leash.
  • Now you can move the item to your inventory and also check out what does loyalty does in Minecraft as loyalty is an item like a leash, which helps to catch sea creatures by combining it with tridents. 

Wrap It Up

By considering the above details, you can understand how to make a leash in Minecraft and get directly to other links by clicking on the mentioned links. Make sure that you are putting the right items for making different items as different items need different things to make a new item.

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