How to Make a Map in Minecraft?

A map is an important item in mission-based games as it helps to make plans and save time while traveling. In Minecraft, players can make a map, which helps them plan according to their suitability. The players connected with the game might know about multiple aspects of the game, but some might not know about it. Minecraft is such a game that is based on your creativity and creative ideas.

Maps can be available in different versions, and you need to know about all the game versions. All the players need to know each and every aspect of the game to deal with all the situations easily. Usually, players don’t pay attention to all the game elements due to which they face problems. If you want to get rid of all the game’s confusion, try to be attentive and focused on all the points.

Further details 

Usually, players don’t have much knowledge about the multiple aspects, but you can pay attention to the below points for knowing the map. When a player opts for making a map in the game, then they should check some platforms. In Minecraft, maps can only be supported at some platforms, and they should be available apart from these platforms you can’t play the game and make a map. The platforms are –

  • Pocket Edition (PE) 
  • Xbox One 
  • Java Edition (PC / Mac) 
  • Xbox 360 
  • PS4 
  • PS3 
  • Nintendo Switch 
  • Wii U
  • Education Edition
  • Windows 10 Edition 

Remember that when you opt for map-making, you should be using any one platform out of these, mentioned above. If you opt for any other platform apart from these, you won’t get access to making a map. You can find the map in creative mode in the creative menu, which is on the platform which you will opt for. The materials which are required for making a map are 8 papers and one compass.

Steps to Make Map

  • Open the Crafting Menu – First of all, you need to open the crafting menu on the platform which you select to make a map. For this, you will require a 3×3 crafting grid, which will help you make a map. Grids play a significant role because the making of the map is all based on it.
  • Add Items to Make a Map – When you are done with opening the crafting menu, you have to add items to make the map. You will require 8 papers and one compass for Java Editions and 9 papers for Windows 10 and PE. When you are done with clearing your confusion, then you can add items.
  • Move the Map to Inventory – Finally, when you are done with your map-making process, you have to move it to your inventory. It will allow you to have a map that you can use in your hard time and complete your quests.


All the points mentioned above are all related to your query and help you know how you can make a map in Minecraft. It will also allow you to know about various items that are required to make a map. You should collect all the items as per the platform’s requirements so that you can make the best map.

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