How to Make a Minecraft Server For Free?

You might know that servers play a major role in all the devices when you need to do something online. It the server is low, it will create huge problems for you and won’t allow you to complete your task. Minecraft is an online game, and for paying this game, you will require the best services which will not create any problem.

If you do not get the best server, then you won’t get a chance to make different items and also won’t get a chance to dye anything. But first, you are required to learn how to make a green dye in Minecraft so that you can keep your surroundings green and colorful. The green dye is used the most in the game, so try to make the best server for making the green dye.

Make a Minecraft Server For Free

Some players are not aware of the server making process, but they can learn if they want to. You can be focused on the below information to make a better server than before, which will not create any major problems. The server making process is not as hard as you think, but make sure that you are much attentive; you will understand the process well.

Steps to Make a Minecraft Server

  • For starting the server making process first, you have to get the Minecraft Java Edition in your device as this game has different versions. Servers of the game work as per its version and platform, so try to get the right version; otherwise, it will not work. You must know about all the versions like Pocket Edition (PE), Java Edition (PC/Mac), PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Education Edition, Windows 10 Edition and Wii U.
  • After getting the Java Edition, you have to get the latest version of Java so that you can easily match the game version. It will be very beneficial in making the game run smoothly and without any problem.
  • Then you have to opt for downloading the Minecraft server so that you can mix it with the Java version and provides you more chances to create your server. Try to make the best server to make obsidian, which is a must in the game. But before that, you have to understand how to make obsidian in Minecraft.
  • After getting the Minecraft server, you have to set the commands to run the server to have better control over it. And then set up all the server properties for easy accessibility.
  • Finally, you can connect to your Minecraft server and run the game as smoothly as you want.

Final Verdict

With the above steps, you can learn the process of making a Minecraft server for free and will also help you to know how to make some items in the game. If you are active and focused, you can easily learn how to make them and run the game smoothly. Never try to make changes in the game or any sever without taking proper guidance as it will lead you to suffer a lot.

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