How to Make a Name Tag in Minecraft?

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A name tag is an item present in Minecraft which helps the players to remember different items by putting a name on them. It is very helpful in using the right thing at the right time for the right item without making any mistake.  In the game, a name tag is that item that can’t be made with the help of a crafting table and furnace. You can find this item in the chest of Dungeon or Nether Fortress which are the best place to get it.

The players who are finding ways to make a name tag they are simply wasting their time because it can’t be made in Minecraft.  A name tag has multiple uses and can be used for providing the name to any of the item present in the game. In the real world also people use a name tag for giving a name to some items and things which they think they won’t remember. Never feel low if you are not much aware of the name tag procedure in the game because there is a solution to every single problem.

Make a Name Tag in Minecraft

You can be focused on the following information if you want to know about the name tag process. The information will help you to know about various new aspects of the game which you can’t get without knowing them.

Ways to Get a Name Tag

For getting the name tag you need to visit two different places present in Minecraft one is Dungeon and another one is Nether Fortress. After visiting these two places, you need to check out the chests in which you have chances of getting a name tag.

Find a Chest in Dungeon

You can add the name tag into your inventory after getting it in the chest of the Dungeon. Fore reaching Dungeon you need to dig into the ground then you have to switch to the Spectator game mode immediately. When you reach Dungeon, then you will face a scary view where a monster will be present, but you don’t need to get scared and move close to the chest. There will be two chests present which you need to open and check out for the name tag. It will be your luck if you get the name tag there and also other valuable items along with the name tag.

Find the Chest in Nether Fortress

You can opt for the chests of Nether Fortress for getting the name tag. The fortress will look like an old castle with such huge empty areas and reddish surroundings. For reaching the fortress faster, you can opt for the Nether Portal it will help you to jump between the Overworld and Nether. When you transport, then you will directly reach the chest, and you can open it and find for a name tag. It will be your luck if you get it and come back to your normal world.

Final Verdict

After considering the above points, you can get to known about how you can make a name tag in Minecraft. You are not making it you are getting it from the chests of Dungeon and Nether Fortress. Try to grab the name tag properly so that you can take proper advantage from it.

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