How to Make a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

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Night vision potion is one of Minecraft’s most essential potions as it allows the players to have a clear vision at night. It helps the players to stay safe from all the mobs that come out at midnight and also helps them to have fewer risks. All the potions present in this game are made with a brewing stand as it allows the players to have less burden in making any of the potions.

When you opt to know about the night vision potion recipe, try to grab details about Escape from Tarkov: how to split ammo. It will allow you to play the mentioned game with proper understanding without facing any problem. The brewing stand is all based on 4-5 boxes in which you add items to make various potions, so be careful while making as it includes fire and blaze powder.

Make a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

It’s very easy to make potions because it only includes some of the items, and you need to pay attention to their places that whether you are placing them in the right place. For knowing the entire recipe, you can stay connected and have a look.

Night Vision Potion Making Tutorial

  1. Start with the Brewing Stand Menu – For making a potion, you need to know about the brewing stand and have to open it where you will get a proper stand in which you will add items to make the potion. Once you get the stand, then move to your next step.
  2. Add Blaze Powder to Start the Brewing Stand – After getting the stand, you have to add blaze powder in the left corner box as it will help you lighten up the fire. Without this powder, you won’t be able to start the fire.
  3. Add Items to the Stand – When you are done with adding a blaze powder, you have to add some items to other boxes for which you will require 1 nether wart, 1 golden carrot, and 1 water bottle. You have to add 1 water bottle in any of the one boxes at the bottom of the stand and then add 1 nether wart in the top box and when it gets mixed in the bottle, add 1 golden carrot in the top box.
  4. Shift the Item to Inventory – It will help you succeed in making a night vision potion and help you get huge help in dealing with night mobs. Make sure that you will also consider the tutorial of how to gift Escape from Tarkov as it will help you give some gifts to your friends in the game. Try to learn about it so that you can have fewer problems when you play this game.

Wrap It Up

Finally, with the above steps’ help, you can make a night vision potion in Minecraft and see the dangerous mobs. Try to use this potion when moonlight is not there so that you can get some light and see things clearly in the dark. It will also help you to know how you can play Escape from Tarkov with some major tutorials as if you will click on the links; then, you will get to know about it.

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