How to Make a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft?

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The potion is a drink in Minecraft, which helps the players to have different uses and benefits, and invisibility potion is one of those potions. It helps the players to become invisible, and players can take huge advantages from it. Enemies cannot see you, and you can defeat or kill them without facing any trouble.

When you opt for this potion, make sure you are adequately aware of how to play Minecraft multiplayer. If not, you must know about it by clicking on the link to use the invisibility potions well. Invisibility potion is not hard to make, and it will be very helpful to you in hiding from your enemies even by standing in front of them. It will allow you to do all those tasks which you can’t do when you are visible to everyone.

Make a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft

If you are playing in multiplayer mode, you can help your team players reach that place where you can’t reach it when you are visible. For getting the proper information about the potion making process, you can pay attention to the following information. It will help you to know the potions making process as well as also allow you to get more knowledge about the game.

Invisibility Potion Making Process

  • Open the Brewing Stand Menu – Always remember that you will only need a brewing stand; you can’t make it with a crafting table or furnace. This stand will have three containers in the bottom three boxes, one side box and one upper box with some pipes.
  • Add Blaze Powder to Start the Brewing Stand – After opening the brewing stand, you have toad the blaze powder in the box, which is on the left side. It will help you to start the brewing stand and will help you to make the potion.
  • Add Items to Make the Potion – In the brewing stand, you have to add some ingredients that will help you make the potion and help you get the right item. You have to place the ingredients in the top box and the potions in the three boxes at the bottom. For making the potion, you will require 1 fermented spider eye and 1 potion of night vision. You have to put the potion of night vision in one of the boxes placed at the bottom and then add the fermented spider eye to the top box of the stand. With this your recipe for making invisible potion is ready.
  • Move the Item to Your Inventory – Finally, after the process is completed, you have to move it to your inventory. You can use this potion for putting a saddle on the horse so that it will not kick you, but before that, you have to learn how to put a saddle on a horse in Minecraft.


By considering the above steps, you can learn how you can make an invisibility potion in Minecraft. It will also help you to learn how you can use this potion for putting a saddle on the horse and also in the multiplayer mode. You must know each aspect of the game so that you won’t face any difficulty dealing with them.

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