How to Make a Server in Minecraft PE?

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You might know about servers and their importance that you can’t play an online game or do any other online work without a server. Minecraft also servers play a major role, which helps you have less trouble while playing the game and provides a smooth-running game. As servers play a major role in Minecraft, similarly, wheat plays a major role, so try to know how to gown wheat in Minecraft. It will help you to tame animals and also provide you a chance to see baby animals.

Make a Server in Minecraft PE

Wheat can be used for making cakes, cookies, etc. so you can use it for various purposes. When you come back to servers, then you will look for how to make a good server for playing the game. No need to take tension about this query as you can stay connected with the below points as it will help you know about it. Without a good server, you can’t play any game flawlessly and smoothly, so be active towards a good server. Try to pay attention to the solution to your query so that you can make a good server for having the best experience of your life with Minecraft.

Steps to Make a Minecraft Server (PE)

Step 1:

Wi-Fi – For making a Minecraft server for PE edition, you have to arrange a Wi-Fi connection to have less difficulty in making a server. Usually, Wi-Fi servers are the best to deal with vast servers, so it is better to opt for it. Firstly you need to find out the Wi-Fi network you are currently using and then click on the blue arrow next to it. For that, you need to know about your router’s information and also need to memorize your IP address.

Step 2:

Safari – After the Wi-Fi network, you have to go on safari, which is a compass-like structure and will help you know the game’s directions. Then you have to go to the routers bar and type the address there; then, a page will open and ask you to log in. You have to type the username and the password to log into that page and then find out the IP address.

Step 3:

Starting the Server – Finally, when you are done with your logging details, you have to start your server, and for this, you have to go into any MCPE world and type your IP address. If you want to add your friends to your server, you have to provide them with your IP address to join you.

Final Verdict

With the above steps, you can get success in making a PE Minecraft server on your own and also learn new elements about the game. After this, you must consider how to keep inventory in Minecraft as it will help you keep your items safe after you die and use them when you respawn. If you have a good server, then you can easily respawn and use your items again. Try to be active towards the above details and the links so that you can have a great experience and gameplay.

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