How to Make a Trident in Minecraft?

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A trident is a tool present in Minecraft, which helps the players catch fishes and can also catch other water-based animals. It allows the players to have more catching with less burden in less time and makes the players face fewer difficulties. When you opt to learn about trident, try to grab knowledge about how long Minecraft night is. It will help you know about the night, and accordingly, you can manage your tasks and other quests.

The players who bare newly connected to Minecraft must feel confused, but later on, they tend to know about the game and feel comfortable. Once you get to know about new aspects of the game, you can easily grab those elements you can’t get without it. When you get into something, then try to grab all the related information so that you won’t get into any troublesome situation.

Make a Trident in Minecraft

You can consider the below information as it will help you know how you can make a trident and take advantage of it. It will be great for you to refer to the below information as it will help you have the best solution.

Trident Making Tutorial

  • In Minecraft, there is no way to make trident; you can grab it from the drowned, zombies, and underwater creatures. You can also get the trident when zombies turned into a drowned as they leave trident. Trident is something which helps you to have more targets from underwater and helps you to catch more mobs. Once you get the trident, then you should use it to get more advantage from it.
  • There are fewer chances of dropping trident from zombies when they turned into drowned so you can increase the chances of getting more fishes. The players who will use trident instead of a fishing rod can easily get more than one fish with just one trident. Try to use trident with all your focus so that you won’t get hurt with it and get into any major trouble. You have an 8.5% chance of looting it if you see it carried by any drowned.
  • You should know that you can’t pick up the thrown trident when one drowned throw it on the ground. A trident is a tool that can help you catch those creatures that can’t be cached, and you can easily grab advantages by catching them. Try to have knowledge about how many game modes can you play in Minecraft so that you can have new experiences and learnings. Modes play a major role in this game, so try to know about all of them for better results.


When you consider the above information, then you will get to know how you can get trident in Minecraft as you can’t make it. It will help you know about some other aspects, too, if you click on the links mentioned above. Try to consider the information properly so that you can have less difficulty in understanding it.

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