How to Make A Twitch Overlay?

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Twitch is one of the most preferred game streaming platforms with millions of active users. Lots of gamers stream on a daily basis, and they enhance the gameplay with trolls and comedy. Having some quality skills in a game and a great commentary on the gameplay is quite funny to increase the fame. However, it would be a better choice to ask your viewers to follow on other social media platforms.

Twitch overlay

It is true that you can’t be asking all the time, but having an overlay can do the job for you. It enhances the overall look of the overlay, and it will make you enjoy something new. In order to create a Twitch, overlay, there are several options, and if you don’t know how to do it, then our quick guidepost will help you harness essential details with ease.

Choose Templates

There are a huge number of websites that are offering the option to download templates for overlay. They can provide you with some of the coolest overlay, and they are also charging an affordable price. You can adjust the settings, size of the box, color, theme, and several other factors so that you overlay cool over the other one. Like and dislike is a subjective part, so you can check it out online for the best one.

Get Overlays Created from Professionals

Many professional graphic designers are offering overlay design services. You can use for example You can get the custom design of need, and you can also mention them the need. Once you are done following all the steps and providing what you need, everything is going to be an easy thing. You can grab the best color combination in the overlay, but make sure that custom design is slightly expensive also.

Creating Overlays On your Own

In order to create your own Twitch, overlay on your own, the below-mentioned steps can come in handy –

  • You can download the template files or the flat files, to begin with.
  • Use photoshop and design whatever you want. There are PSD files online to help.
  • Using templates and other options, you can create a new design.
  • Save it in PSD format and then use it in the OBS tool.
  • Make sure that you apply the overlay and confirm if everything fits wisely or not.

Everything is done after following these steps, and you can enjoy streaming online. It is not going to take much time, and you can keep on coming with some great and unique designs to get started.

The Final Verdict

Make sure that you follow all the steps wisely, and in the same order, then you will be able to find how it works. Make sure that you design something unique instead of following others. This method will come in handy, and then you can enhance fame. Most of the gamers are going to follow you on other social media portals, and this will be an effective way to increase your fame and become a better gamer.

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