How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft?

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The water elevator is one of Minecraft’s crucial elements, which allows the players to cross the river by walking on it. It helps the players to reach those places where they are unable to go due to extreme water. Most of the players don’t know about the water elevator, and it’s making process. You must know how to make a sponge in Minecraft, and it will be helpful when you opt for the water elevator concept.

Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

It will help you to enhance your knowledge about various aspects of the game and makes you grab more advantages. You must know how to make a water elevator so that you will deal with your water-related problem and cross the area you are unable to pass. Most people face problems while dealing with new processes as they are not comfortable with them.

Once you get to know how to deal with a process, then you can easily deal with all the processes. A water elevator is very helpful in the game as it allows you to complete your quests without facing any problem and makes you get success in your mission. If you want to enhance more knowledge about the water elevator and learn how to make it, you can consider the following steps:

Steps to Make a Water Elevator

  • Build Up Elevator Shaft – When you opt to make a water elevator, you must know how to build shaft and try to layout its frame. Once you build the shaft, you can move to other steps and make sure that you make a shaft by putting blocks in their right places. If you are making the shaft on upward direction, then add blocks in an upward direction and if downward, then put blocks in a downward direction.
  • Add Signs – When you are done making shafts, add signs to all the other blocks of your elevator and try to leave the space at the bottom and top of the elevator. After putting all the signs at the right places, move to your next step.
  • Finish The Elevator Shaft and Add Water – After putting blocks and signs to the elevator, you have to add water in it, and when you put water, then your elevator will reach its point of completion.
  • Add a Down Shaft – When you are done with your elevator, then you have to add the down shaft so that you can simply dig into the ground and fill it with water. Make the three deep holes around it so that you can have a one-block wide shaft. Finally, you are done with your water elevator and make sure that you also learn how to make a trapdoor in Minecraft. It will help you to get out of some areas very easily.


When you are done with making a water elevator in Minecraft, then you will be very greatful about the links which are mentioned above as it will help you to learn more about the game. Once you pay attention to the links, then it will help you to know how to can make different other items.

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