make an Autoexec for CS: GO

How to make an Autoexec for CS: GO?

A CS: GO is a very famous shooting game that is being played on a wonderful platform that is a twitch. A twitch provides you a very good platform where you can perform various live games with a 3D effect and also helps you to earn some name and fame. There are so many functions and features available in CS: GO, and one of the most important functions is Autoexec. It helps to set some commands which help you to use the command automatically without getting any disturbance. 

Autoexec is such a great feature of CS: GO as it helps to generate any of the commands at that time when it is needed the most. This feature plays a significant role in this game as it helps to guide you properly at that moment when you need to use a command. Before starting CS: GO, it is very important to set Autoexec as it is a very beneficial feature to lead you to your success.

make an Autoexec for CS: GO

If you want to learn the basic steps which will help you to guide how to make Autoexec in CS: GO, then you should consider this article. This article will help you out to know some crucial steps.

STEP 1: Finding the config (cfg) folder

  • The first step is to find the config folder, which will help you to make your ID and allows you to enter some of the important commands there.
  • It will ask you for your id and steam account, which is a must while playing a CS: GO. This step is a detailed thread about how to control the commands.
  • Here you need to use “<YOURID>,” which is the ID of the steam account as it helps you to enter the game with various auto commands.

STEP 2: Create the Autoexec.cfg file

  • After making a cfg folder next, you have to create a new file with the name “autoexec.cfg.” You have to use the same name for the file; otherwise, the file will not be created or work.
  • For creating, you need to go to the window and enter the right-click and select the “New” and click on the “Text Document.” After selecting, you have to give the name to the text document, and the name should be “autoexec.cfg.”

STEP 3: Edit and configure your autoexec.cfg file

  • After creating a new document, then you have to enter all those commands which you want to be used automatically. You have to do this by editing the file in the text editor.
  • It can be done by clicking a right-click on the window and select the “Open with” and then the “Notepad.”


All the points mentioned above are the important steps that can help you to make Autoexec for CS: GO. If you want to make your game more exciting and save time while playing the game, then you should consider the above steps. It will help you out from various difficulties and make your game easy to get played.

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