How to Make Money On Twitch

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Twitch is definitely the leading platform to stream video games, and there is a huge fanbase on this platform. All those who still love watching other gamers streaming and want to know how they can start their own setup have this question about how they can make money on it.

It all begins by going live and having a huge fan base. But, if you are in the initial stages of getting popular and don’t know how it is possible to make money, then this guide will offer great help.

Make Money On Twitch

The below given are all the methods which can help to make money on Twitch and to learn how you can also get advantage from streams on Twitch. Let’s have a look –

Subscribing with Membership

The common method is to ask your followers for exclusive access to your private streams. If you are successfully getting more than a thousand viewers on a daily stream, then you can easily convivence a few of them for exclusive membership.
This choice gives you a kick-start when it comes to earning money. There are three memberships available online that you can ask your followers to get. These three memberships are available for $US4. 99, $9.99 or $24.99.

It depends upon your fanbase, and if you have a strong fanbase, then they can definitely buy the most expensive one. You need to decide which plan to choose. But, the whole profit divides into 50-50 between you and twitch.

Few high-rated twitch users have negotiated with Twitch for commission, and they are getting a better percentage. Once you are at higher stages, every single percent will be showing a huge difference.

Affiliate Links And Sponsorship

Similar to Amazon, Twitch also offers there affiliate program. You have to promote a brand or product with a given link. In this link, it has your code or tag. As someone opens it and buys any membership of service, then you will get a commission. The price varies depending upon the source you are preferring. The increase in sales will provide you a higher amount of commission. If you have a strong fan base, then this is one of the easiest option to come in handy.

On the other hand, you can promote brands by adding a small portion of their brand in your Stream. You can add their tags or use their products. This method will be saving time, and it is highly effective so far. Getting a sponsor for games, gaming console, and such other product seems like an easy thing if you have a good fan base. However, you have to decide that how much money you want to charge them and then they will negotiate based on the charges.


The above given are two common options preferred by gamers when it comes to make money on Twitch, and it is the reason that you can prefer the same without any problem. We hope that these methods will help you earn from streams.

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