How to Make Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft?

A pie is somethings which is sweet and needs some sugar like ingredients, and a pumpkin pie is an item which can help you to replenish your food meter. When you eat this pie, you will feel fresh and sweet, making you feel so happy and so relaxed. It will help you to have a full stomach and also helps in increasing your energy level. You should learn the recipe for making a pumpkin pie so that you can have some change in your food.

Before making a pumpkin pie, you have to learn about how to plant sugar cane in Minecraft so that you can use it while making the pie. You can also opt for any other sweet item to make the pie, but sugarcane is the best, and its taste is so real and natural. Once you learn how to make a pumpkin pie, you can have such a great dish as your food when you want to increase your energy level or replenish your food meter.

Try to make proper concentration on the following steps so that you can learn the recipe for making a pumpkin pie.

Steps to Make a Pumpkin Pie

To make a pie, you have to learn some basic steps that will help you have some help in the pie-making process. Here are some steps mentioned below and try to pay attention to them.

Open the Crafting Menu – For the pie recipe, you have to collect a crafting grid first for which you have to open the crafting menu where you will get a crafting grid of 3×3. It will have 9 blocks in it, and you have added some more items to it for making the pie.

Add Items to Make a Pumpkin Pie  – When you get the crafting grid, you have to add 1 egg, 1 pumpkin, and 1 sugar in it, helping you make your recipe. Make sure that you will put all the items in the right places so that you can make the best pie ever. You have to place 1 pumpkin in the first box in the first row, 1 sugar in the middlebox, and 1 egg in the third box. You have to keep second, and the third row empty as the recipe will be completed by placing all the items in the first row only. When you fill all the above three boxes of the first row, then try to share the recipe with your friends.

For sharing the pie with your friends first, you have to learn how to play cross-platform in Minecraft. Once you learn about it, you can share the pie, and you can click on the link for knowing the cross-platform aspect.

Wrap It Up

By reading all the necessary information mentioned above, you can learn how to make a pumpkin pie in Minecraft. You will get a chance to know how to plant sugarcane and hoe to play cross-platform in the game along with this recipe. It will lead you to face those experiences that can allow you to have huge information about different aspects.

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