How to Make Twitch Emotes

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Twitch is surely the most loved platform of choice when it comes to watching Stream of impressive AAA titles. There are thousands of professional gamers who are streaming on daily basis, which can make you look after the amazing streams full of comedy or impressive tips that can help with your gameplay for sure.

Make Twitch Emotes

However, there are other features also, and creating emotes seems like one of the fun things for new users of Twitch. If you love that how funny Emotes are on Twitch then you can create your own. If you don’t know that how to do it then you can follow the below given basic tips and begin by creating Emotes.

Use GIMP – One of the free to use image editor tool which is open-source based program is GIMP. It is available for free so you can expect so much from this particular tool. Once you have downloaded it, then install this tool to your PC.

New File and Pixel – After running GIMP, open a new file from the upper left corner. There will be New option in the File section. Now, you need to choose the resolution and it would be a better choice to go with 112 X 112px.

Transparency  – You can find the advanced settings button below the same section and when you hit it, there will be several options. Don’t change any setting except the “Fill With” option. You can hit pop-down button and choose transparency. This will get you enough time to begin.

Creating Emotes – You can download any image from Google or consider generating one from any website. Use the same emote from the site and begin using the same. This method will allow you to complete the whole process under a couple of minutes; that’s why it is quite a reliable choice.

Save as and Size – Once you are done working on the file, click on the upper left corner again and hit save as button. This will give you several options, and among all of them, there is the “Save As” button. You have the file now.

Canvas Sizing  – As you need three different sizes, so, you have to choose the canvas size option in the edit menu and change it. Create two more files from the same one but at a different size. Save them, and you have the desired emotes to begin using.

Bottom Line

Once you are done following all the steps, you can create something unique from Emotes. You can come up with crazy ideas and try out the best ways to impress your viewers. This will help you find out something new to try out.

Most of the new gamers usually don’t know that there are easy to use tools which can help in the entire process. If you follow the steps wisely, you can learn the basics and then you can come up with new ideas to create something funny. This method will save your money as well as time for sure.

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