How To Make Twitch Panels

Twitch provides a range of features apart from the option to stream gameplay. You can adjust the overlay, create unique screens, and get advantages of all the tweaks they have offered. The best thing about Twitch is, they provide the feature to make twitch panels, and it can help you choose a custom design, and it is one of the easiest options in all kinds.

twitch panels

As you want to create a unique twitch panel, then you can follow the below-mentioned methods to illustrate it and use it. By following the below-mentioned steps, you can do it in an easier manner. Let’s begin –

  1. Adobe Illustrator

    With the use of Adobe Illustrator, you can easily design the desired panel logo. It is not going to take much time if you know how to use Illustrator and Photoshop related tools. Begin by using the below-mentioned steps –

• Create a blank file and choose the resolution. Choose the adequate size so that you don’t face any issue.
• Choose the color of the base and then give it a stroke of color. Once you are giving a stroke to a square box, add a round appearance at the first end.
• Here, you will be putting your avatar. Create a new file and create a small avatar character or get it from Google Images.
When you are doe adding it, make sure you create layers instead of merging them, try to put them differently. Save as PSD and create a PNG file.

2.Open Twitch

Here, you need to go to settings and upload the created file. Once you are done uploading, you can resize from the settings. It won’t be taking much time as you can choose the size, and if you can find pixels aren’t right, then you can edit the same.

Open the PSD file again and change the resolution, and this method will come in handy that’s why most of the people are preferring the PSD version. The primary reason is that you take care of the design and try to keep it simple with fewer colors.

When you are choosing the font to write on it, make sure that you stay selective, adding details on the same. When it comes to select the desired font, you have a huge dictionary to look after. This method will save your money as well as time, that’s why you can consider it.

A unique font might get attention with ease, but it should be readable, so you don’t face any trouble selecting the font. It is an important part of taking a look after.


These are important factors that you need to consider when creating a Twitch profile; you need to make it good looking as well as a reliable option. These are some important tips, but there are many other websites that can come in handy throughout the entire way. That’s why it is a reliable option. We hope that this guide will come in handy to eradicate all the problems.

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