How to mod someone on Twitch?

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A Twitch is a platform that helps various people to come over and get help to become popular and play live. In Twitch, there are multiple mods present, and if you on the mods setting, then it will help you to have various people to come to your page. It helps to welcome new people and viewers to your page, which helps you to have more name and fame. The presence of auto mod helps you to handle some of the tasks which are present on Twitch.

mod someone on twitch

In Twitch, the option of the auto mod is the best as it helps to handle all your chats and helps to get rid of toxic people; generally, it makes your page a more welcoming place. It is very easy to mod someone in Twitch, but for that, you need to understand some of the basic steps. It’s all upon you which person you are going to give various mods and other modding power.

Steps to mod someone

There is two methods to mod someone on your Twitch. You can add someone by chat streaming or by putting their name in the chat box.

Method 1:

  • You need to go to the chat section where you can find the chat and can stream the chat by clicking over there.
  • Then next, you need to enter the command ‘/mod’ on the name of the channel to add a moderator from the chat options.
  • Then you can add that moderator to your page and It will help you out to have a moderator for your channel or page.
  • It is very important to have a moderator for your page so that you can get relaxed from the toxic people and many other things.
  • A moderator will handle all the necessary tasks of your page related to your chats and message.

Method 2:

You can perform this method by clicking on the username, which is present in the chat box.

  • The first step you need to perform is that you need to click on the three-lined button, which is present on your page.
  • Next, you need to select the user whom you want to make the moderator who will handle all the tasks of your page.
  •  Then you have to click on the lightning icon, which will help to move that chat from a normal to a moderator one.
  •  Now the channel is ready to have a new moderator who will be going to handle all the necessary tasks and other chats.
  • A moderator plays a significant role for every Twitch to stream on it by enhancing the number of viewers.


If you want to stream someone on Twitch and you don’t know how to do this, then you can consider the above steps to get a piece of proper knowledge. The points mentioned above are very helpful in learning the important steps for making someone a moderator of your page.

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