How to Move Overwatch to another Drive?

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Usually, players prefer to play those games which are interesting and have so many platforms to get played on. Overwatch is one of those games which helps players to have experience of playing it on various devices. The players who are playing Overwatch from the long term might know how to move the game on another drive. But most of the players are still there who don’t know how to do so. It’s important for the player to know about this aspect.

There are some steps that can help you to understand the process of moving of Overwatch from one drive to another. It’s crucial for the players, especially to know about different things and features of the game so that they can make better use of it. The steps will help you a lot if you consider them in the moving process and allow you to have a safe move. Overwatch provides you with so many unique features, so try to respect that and learn its aspects.

Move Overwatch to another Drive

You can consider the information below for a better understanding of Overwatch’s moving process from one device to another. 

Steps to Move (By Re-Downloading)

  • First, you need to start the Battle.Net Launcher, and from there, you have to click on the “Overwatch.’ After that, you have to click on the options button and then click on the “Show in Explorer.”
  • Next, you have to visit the location where you can install the Overwatch and then move the folder to the targeted drive. It will get done with the help of a copy and paste feature. After that, you need to choose the right location for installing the game in the launcher.
  • The Battle.Net Launcher will think that the game got uninstalled, so you have to install it again by changing the location. And wait till the process finishes, and then your game is ready in another drive for playing.

You can also use these steps for the PC transfer with the help of an external device. But for transferring, you have to go through a lot of registering data in C drive, so try to be patient. Moving games won’t guarantee that whether the data will be restored again or not, so be careful while transferring the data.

Always try to use the safest and the most reliable and secure methods for transferring Overwatch to another drive.  It can help you to keep your data safe and secure and allows you to have a safe play with all your recovered data. You should try to keep a proper patience level and allow yourself to be calm while transferring the game.

Wrap It Up

Knowledge plays a significant role in each and every aspect so that before opting for any of the tasks, you should try to get some knowledge. It will help you to perform your task well with proper knowledge and helps you to have a good result. The above points will help you to move the Overwatch safely to another drive.

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