How to Mute People in CSGO

While playing in intense matches of CSGO, you can find that a small distraction is enough to get you killed. There are intense battles, enemies are coming from all direction, and you need to focus on sound and other detailing so that don’t miss a single chance to catch the enemy. It is important that you choose some of the finest methods to avoid distractions.

mute in csgo

When someone is speaking on the board, and you are getting irritated or distracted, it would be a better choice if you mute such people. There are several ways to save yourself from such problems. The below mentioned are some easy tips to mute people in CSGO and avoiding such common problems in this game. Let’s follow –

  1. Hold Tab
    On the upper left side of your keyboard, you can find Tab Button. As if you hold it for a couple of seconds, you will get a scoreboard option. When you are getting all the options, you need to opt for the right click to release the cursor. Now, you can find the cursor on the screen, and it is offering you better options now.
  2. Click on People
    Using the cursor, you can click on people you want to mute, and once you them with the cursor; you will get few options. Among all of them, you can find a speaker, as you press it, they will be mute, and that’s why it is a better and highly reliable option to take into consideration for sure. Muting someone is an easy choice, and you can consider it.
  3. Disabling Voice
    If you want to permanently disable audio or sound, then there is one easy to follow option which will work for people. All those people you want to mute will be done by this option. Open the console option by pressing ~ key. Once you can give commands, you have to type voice_enable 0 and hit enter. Once you are done, you will find that you are not getting a voice from any other person now.

In order to turn on the audio of every person, follow the same command, but this time, you have to command voice_enable 1. It is all about 0 and 1. If you give a zero command, then it will void that specific command, whereas if you hit 1, then it will turn them on.

Bottom Line

Whether you are playing CSGO in intense and deadliest modes or simple ones, you need to be focused on details. If you are using the finest quality headphone, which provides you the lower and higher frequency in a perfect manner, then you will be able to eradicate such problems in an effective manner.

The noise part is always the major problem, and muting the whole game is not a good choice. So, you can mute out people who are causing many problems. This method allows you to save time and focus on targets without facing any problem. We hope that this guidepost will help you learn about the basics and progress at a faster rate with ease.

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